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The creators of the Brian alarm app

Blessed Originals is a loose collective of professionals who wanted to make a Brian Blessed Alarm Clock. So we did. We'll make something for you if you like, as long as you can offer something even a tenth as cool as tea in Brian's shed we're there.

Brian, Voice

Brian, in his shed

Actor, Adventurer, Raconteur, Holder of the World Record for the oldest man to walk to the North Pole, Worthy Opponent of Mount Everest and of course a National Treasure. Here's a pic of Brian recording the Brian Alarm in his Shed. Well, he calls it a shed. We have shed envy.

Rich, Idiocy

Idiot, and a chicken

Rich has been slowing the whole process of creating the Brian Alarm down by faffing and generally getting in the way. He was responsible for accidentally creating the Brian Blessed Sat Nav whilst drunk (he had 25,000 co-conspirators, to be fair) , which kind of led to the whole Brian Alarm thing.

Steve, Coding

Engineer of Blessed Nonsense

Steve has extensive experience in the games industry, working on Wipeout HD and Formula 1 Playstation 3 titles for Sony, he is now working for Sumo games on something but we know not what.

Terry, Art

We love the artwork on the clock, it's really very pretty. Terry is a freelance artist designing extensively for Second Life and a number of Steampunk titles. If she hadn't done the artwork first we'd never have a programmer or a Brian on board, so in many respects this is all her fault.

Dave, Sound

That noise in your ears? Put there by Dave

Dave's a drummer by trade who recorded and toured with The Fall for a number of years before starting up his sound engineering business. He also recently won the British Amateur Recording Contest with this madness (it grows on you, seriously). He has spent many weeks locked in his studio with only hours of Brian Blessed recordings for company. We suspect this hasn't helped the madness.

Sharon, Product Development

A tenacious tester, web coder and writer of cynicism free prose, Sharon ran a very successful e-marketing consultancy for many years until it dawned on her she'd made enough money to go and do something less boring. She has recently completed her masters in online and distance learning and been heavily involved in an online software engineering project for Oxford University.

Simon, Character

We decided we wanted Brian on a Rocket, so asked Simon to oblige, which, obligingly, he did. He's currently freelancing and we rather like his stuff.

Jez, Coding

Jez is the ubernerd. He spent many years as Technical Director for Sony Liverpool, responsible primarily for their Formula 1 titles but he also builds software which builds games. He did a lot of work on the Brian Alarm before starting his own company Setgo Games and getting a little busy, at which point he passed the baton onto Larry. He also rocks.

Larry, Coding

Larry worked for Sony Liverpool and Amsterdam, working on AI for Killzone 3, then annoyingly he got poached by UbiSoft in Montreal, at which point Steve did the lions share of the work on the Alarm. He also rocks. Well, he did until he moved to Canada at least, now he just plays Celine Dion and Justin Beiber (this is a lie).

Nik, Inscrutability

Nik had the idea of getting Brian into the back of a Smart Car, and indeed produced and directed our campaign film, as well as Shanghaing his wife (and her Smart Car) into the process. He is a multi award winning Social Media expert, with (amongst other things) a Webby and a Bafta. He also came down to Brian's for the Alarm Clock recordings and offered a little direction here and there.

Nige, Boy Scout

Everybody needs a Boy Scout on their team to do all the stuff with things that's a bit complicated, so we naturally asked Nige to help us do the recording for the Brian Alarm. Another gamer, he was Game Director of platinum selling PS3 game Motorstorm 2 and is currently working on a new Dr Who Adventure, due out on the 31st October

Sam, Thespianism

Alright, we admit it, half the high faluting Shakespeare quotes we used were cribbed from the web. The other half were provided by Sam, a keen thesp and comedy sportist